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The conference is a celebration of the convenience of electricity and investigates new ways to “do more with the energy you use” – productive use of a strategic resource by an ever expanding base of consumers in both the residential and business sector means that South Africa can grow its economy thanks to a reliable electricity supply. Enjoy Wellington, and idyllic town 40 minutes from, Cape Town at the finest time of the year! At the same time, please join the local drive to conserve water – our other most precious resource.

Energy Solutions for the Cities of the 4th Industrial Revolution

In line with World Bank initiative for universal access to energy and sustainable energy for all, various solutions are being implemented and monitored for their efficiency. Among the solutions for increasing universal access to electricity are off grid electrification such as solar, diesel and hybrid systems. The humble home, from Cape to Cairo, from Beijing to Fez or London to Calcutta, remain the focus of energy use that is critical to most people. This home is now almost universally tied into not only an energy use nexus, but also a transportation and communication one. In the fourth revolution new energy technologies will feature. The efficiency and flexibility of energy use will improve with intelligent monitoring and connectivity of devices. Low-cost renewable energy, and perhaps bio-energy through genetic modification, 3D-printed nuclear reactors, fusion power and carbon capture, offer cheaper, cleaner energy. How will these technologies influence and impact on the Domestic Use of Energy? These are questions we can explore at the 2019 DUE Conference. Increasingly new and novel energy demands will also appear – household robot servants, human exoskeletons, hyperloops, long-distance commuting in autonomous vehicles, hypersonic plane travel, and space holidays. Solar roofs, batteries and electric vehicles will increasingly offer a new way for individuals to create and sell energy services, even if end uses do not change much. The conference will host a FULL DAY Workshop on Microgrids which will also award CPD points for attendance.  

Important dates (Updated: 2 January 2019)

20 January 2019 Submission of abstracts (200 – 220 words).
22 January 2019 Notification of Abstract acceptance.
31 January 2019 Full paper Submission Submission of papers in accordance with DUE guidelines. Submission of full manuscript prepared in accordance with guidelines. Submission before the deadline will allow for papers to be corrected in accordance with recommendations by referees rather than non-acceptance. (For guidelines go to
14 February 2019 Notification of paper acceptance
28 February 2019 Final version of paper submission
  • Each paper is reviewed by 3 referees
  • Your paper will only be included in the proceedings if presented by an author or co-author.

Jointly organised by

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE SA Section)
SA Institute of Refrigeration and Air-conditioning (SAIRAC)
The South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE)
Association of Municipal Electrical Undertakings (AMEU)
Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)
University of Stellenbosch (US)
University of Cape Town (UCT)
University of the Western Cape (UWC)
North West University (NWU)
City of Cape Town

The organisers can be contacted at:

Domestic Use of Energy Secretariat
Tel +27 21 959-4330
Fax +27 86 778 0257
Registration is open
Programme and venue information
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Please check often as the contents are subject to change.

Venue: CP Van Der Merwe hall, Wellington Campus, Cape Peninsula University of Technology
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